Macnica USA

We operate in the USA to build strategic partnership
with innovative high tech companies to develop new business in Japan.

Core Business

Core Business

Business Development

Macnica is actively looking for business partners who are interested in setting up business development, marketing arm or sales channel in Japan.
Macnica is focusing on unique technology companies with extensive technical support for long term relationship. With our proven track record, you can rely on us as the best business partner to get into the Japanese market.

  • Difficulty to enter Japanese market

    • Strong brand recognition is required
    • High quality of product and tech support are required
    • Culture and Language barrier
    • Time zone barrier
  • Vector
  • Let's cross the Chasm together !

    • Reach customers very quickly by strong connection
    • Develop customer awareness by leveraging Macnica Networks brand
    • No language barrier
    • Substantial L1/2 technical support
    • Localization support
    • No local hiring needed, minimize your CAPEX to enter the market

Our Value

Customer Support

  • Technical Support ( 9 – 17, L1/L2 Support )
  • Product Implementation
  • Professional Service/Consultation Service
  • Product Training
  • Software Maintenance ( Upgrade announcement / Electronic Software Distribution / Onsite Software Upgrade )
  • Hardware Maintenance ( 24 x 7, 9 – 17, Send Back / On-site Replacement / Configuration Backup / Onsite Firmware Upgrade )
  • Customer Support Site

Technical Evaluation Center

  • Macnica Technical Evaluation Center / Open Network Lab 40Gbps (up to 160Gbps) Pseudo attacking simulation by Breaking Point
  • Network, Security, Storage products features, functions and high performance testingJuniper SRX5800 highest model, State of the art L4-L7 Breaking Point Fire Storm CTM Max.160Gbps throughput, 200 types of performance test patterns, 3,5000+ security attack simulation tests

Engineering Support

  • Product Engineer (Product-specific Engineer) ; Product support and evaluation / Provide technical information to SE, Sales and customers / Provide product training to customers
  • System Engineer ; Provide consulting service to customers / Provide product design and installation service to customers
  • Software Localization
  • SW/HW porting to Japanese platforms
  • OEM customization

Center supports the construction of the defense system specialization cyber attack.

  • Director

    Kenzo Masamoto

    Specialized in detecting cyber attack
    keynote sessions at
    security conference, etc


    Shota Shinogi

    Nominated in Arsenal,
    Black Hat USA(2013-2016)


  • Advertisement in trade magazines
  • Trade shows : Information Security Expo / Cloud Computing Expo / Interop Tokyo / DC Conference, etc.


  • Private Seminars: Macnica Networks DAY
  • Joint-Seminars with partners
  • User Conference
  • Monthly Regular Seminar

Corporate Profile

Macnica Networks USA, Inc.
303 Almaden Blvd. Suite 140 San Jose, California 95110
  • TEL:408-205-7141

Bridging Innovation between USA and Japan

We at Macnica share a common vision of a global economy that is enhanced through innovative technology. By sharpening our focus on promising new enterprise and telecom information technology fields, and providing highly technical value added services, we have become known as a leading technology distributor of innovative products, and ultimately as a leading technology service provider in Japan.

Macnica Networks USA, Inc. operates in Silicon Valley to identify the next generation technology and to build long lasting ties with partners in the USA. As part of this process, Macnica Networks USA has a team of business development professionals working with and assisting partner startups to market and launch their business in Japan successfully.

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