We continue to be a Most Trusted Partner
as TOP RUNNER to keep providing IT solutions
based on new technology around the world.

Core Business

Security, Network, Bigdata, Cloud, Mobile,
IT Management and so on ...



- Engineering Service
- Security Research Center
- Marketing Communications
- and more ...

Macnica Networks USA

Bridging Innovation between USA and Japan

We at Macnica share a common vision of a global economy that is enhanced through innovative technology. By sharpening our focus on promising new enterprise and telecom information technology fields, and providing highly technical value added services, we have become known as a leading technology distributor of innovative products, and ultimately as a leading technology service provider in Japan.

Macnica Networks USA, Inc. operates in Silicon Valley to identify the next generation technology and to build long lasting ties with partners in the USA. As part of this process, Macnica Networks USA has a team of business development professionals working with and assisting partner startups to market and launch their business in Japan successfully.

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